This Privacy Policy describes how WinApp by Moments Hospitality LLP process, collect, and store/share personal information from users. These terms altogether referred as “Information”. When you access or use our services, you give your consent to WinApp by Moments Hospitality LLP on storage, disclosure, manipulation, collection, transfer, and other uses of your information. You are prohibited to use/access our services if you have any concerns on “how we collect and store/share personal information” from users. You must be of legal age (Minimum age of 18) in order to access or use our services. If possible (Legally) you are entitled to use/access our services under the supervision of parents/guardians.

The Information We Collect

WinApp by Moments Hospitality LLP and associated organizations,third parties,advertising networks, business partners, analytics and search information providers, mayprocess, collect, and store/share personal information from users: the data you fill whenyou create or fill in forms on WinApp by Moments Hospitality LLP,the resources youused/accessed and the details of the services you used, interactions between WinApp byMoments Hospitality LLP/other users and the user on WinApp by Moments Hospitality LLPchannels of communications,getting information about you from a third party that agrees to share it with us,and the data and information collected via varioustechnologies we use such as cookies, ads and more.
Ads– for interest-based add, advertisers sometimes use advertising identifiers tooptimize ads on the user’s device. WinApp by Moments Hospitality LLP and its associatedthird parties may use these advertising identifiers to provide ads to the users accordingto their taste and also to measure the effectiveness of the ad campaign.
Cookies – We use programs like cookies to collect information from the user. Cookiesallow us to identify the user and the device such as IP address identification to: allowinteraction services with the third parties, the interactions permitted by the user; allowpayment processes; allow WinApp by Moments Hospitality LLP and associated parties toprovide customized services; and to collect device information such as device name,device model or company, screen size, etc. and also, how a user use our services andother application on the device. We are entitled to use cookies once you access/use ourservices or application. However, you can disable cookies from your web browsermanually but some of our services and features might not function properly. A usershould immediately stop using our services if he/she doesn’t want us to collect data orinformation from your device.
Links – We may collect data on how you interact with the links on our services, that mayinclude – email and push notifications via clicks or any other means.
Log Data – Our servers automatically store/record information and data from yourdevice when you use our services, the information we store/record may include yourbrowser type, operating system, IP address, search terms, the referring web page, yourmobile carrier, device and application IDs, pages visited, location, and cookieinformation. This log data is used to provide better and customize services to the user.

Location Information -Users can enable the application to read location informationon your app. If you opt for this, WinApp by Moments Hospitality LLP and our associatescan process, collect, and store/share this information in order to provide special featureson the app and to provide better ads based on locality and your interests.
Third-Party Services – WinApp by Moments Hospitality LLP collaborates with otherthird-party service providers to provide various services to the user. Third-party servicesproviders may collect and store information and data such as IP address, data collected by cookies, and location. They might also collect data in order to enhance yourexperience with ads

Payment Information

All the purchases made on the WinApp by Moments Hospitality LLP app are monitoredand stored. The collection of the information such as billings and the tractions helpsWinApp by Moments Hospitality LLP to process the charges. If you buy or purchase anyitem from a third-party service then we are not accountable for any issues, and any issueregarding services will be subject to their respective services.

Customer Support Data

When a user contacts WinApp by Moments Hospitality LLP for resolving issues,suggestions or any other, we collect information such as the activity of the user on theapplication, user ID, and any related information needed. You can provide importantpersonal information such as contact details; location, mobile number, emails ID, profilepicture and other information to get smooth services. Please note that the details youshare on your profile may or may not be visible to other users. You can choose tounsubscribe the push notification through app settings. WinApp by Moments HospitalityLLP may collect your contact information so that other users can find you on our services.The mentioned services in this section are optional for the users.

Use of Information

When a user creates an account on WinApp by Moments Hospitality LLP, it is required tosubmit personal information such as name, email, username, and password. WinApp byMoments Hospitality LLP may ask for more information from the user if needed in orderto provide better services. Information such as username, name, your profile, etc. arepublic for search results. If you access or use our services WinApp by MomentsHospitality LLP and its associated third parties are entitled to use this information forcustomer support, to send the updates, account and services management, marketingand promotion, services optimizations, advertising, report, analysis and for others tofulfill the business needs.

Information Sharing and Disclosure Policy

WinApp by Moments Hospitality LLP may share user’s personal information and data withthe third parties or associates for the smooth functioning of the services and applicationas stated in this privacy policy. We may require sharing information in order to smoothfunctioning of the services such as payment transactions (user can’t be identified),interest-based ads, information submissions at the time of event or competitions,interaction on other social media or channel, etc. is subject to be published as much as itis permitted by the law and by this privacy policy. In order to the safekeeping of therights of WinApp by Moments Hospitality LLP, we comply with the law and enforcementobligation; enforce terms and conditions or any other agreement with the user. We areentitled to share information and data according to this privacy policy. WinApp byMoments Hospitality LLP may also disclose or share information such as email, profile,public messages, etc (non-private) on an aggregated and anonymous basis where a useris not identifiable.

Social media and other similar platforms

Users may allow third-party channels (Facebook, Twitter, or any other similar channel) tointeract with to provide data to the WinApp by Moments Hospitality LLP. Users mustremember that the service policies are different in nature, so, if you allow any thirdparties, make sure to read their respective privacy policy. We might share data andinformation with the allowed third parties vice versa and this information includescontacts, profile picture, name, activity, status and any other relevant information whileyou are using our services. Users are entitled to change the settings anytime with thethird-party provider.


WinApp by Moments Hospitality LLP is entitled to retain all the information and details ofthe user as long as they are accessing or using WinApp by Moments Hospitality LLPservices and thereafter to meet the legal obligations, regulatory requirement, preventfraud, resolve issues, etc. Even if you delete your account and discontinued our serviceswe might retain your personal details for business purposes.

Protection of Information

WinApp by Moments Hospitality LLP has proper protective measures against unlawfulactivities, data theft, loss of data, alteration of the data and other similar activities totake control of the data we have. However, WinApp by Moments Hospitality LLP doesn’tguarantee that information and details of the user will not be disclosed/altered/destroyedor accessed through unlawful means. WinApp by Moments Hospitality LLP makes sure ofthe protection and safeguard of the user’s information and data and, furthermore, thedata and information may be transferred to a different location for the security purposesaccording to the WinApp by Moments Hospitality LLP privacy policy. User’s data andinformation might be transferred to other parties if WinApp by Moments Hospitality LLPgets involved in a merger, bankruptcy, selling of market shares, acquisition as per thetransaction deal. The undertakings during this Privacy Policy shall apply to the data astransferred to the new entity.

There are links available on our services; if you clicked on those the privacy policy ofthose links or services will be applicable. Therefore, any data provided to those serviceswill not fall under WinApp by Moments Hospitality LLP privacy policy and WinApp byMoments Hospitality LLP will not take any responsibility for the security for theinformation and data you shared. Please note that WinApp by Moments Hospitality LLPservices are not meant for underage. In an event, if an underage use/access our services,the respective account will be terminated and if you come to know that some minor isusing WinApp by Moments Hospitality LLP services with the consent of the parents orguardian you can contact [email protected]

The other terms of this privacy policy is safeguarded even if the authority or law find /declare the privacy policy invalid. WinApp by Moments Hospitality LLP made this privacy policy according to the laws of the Republic of India. When it comes to disputes regarding the privacy policy, such disputes will be handled by the exclusive courts in Delhi. By using our services you agreed for the jurisdiction in such courts. Please note that WinApp by Moments Hospitality LLP revises the privacy policy from time to time


The WinApp by Moments Hospitality LLP contains software development kit “SDK” from third parties like Unity, Mintegral and Pokkt. SDK on the user’s device is used for the purpose of monitoring and profiling the usage of the data used on the device and further to use the same data to provide the relevant ads and services on the device of the user. For more information, follow privacy policies of Unity, Mintegral, and Pokkt respectively –

You can opt out of these services anytime with third party services, if you wish not to allow third parties (mentioned above) to collect data or information about you. Nor WinApp by Moments Hospitality LLP or third parties and associates collect information such as contact files, images, audio, etc. from your devices. WinApp by Moments

Hospitality LLP and its associated third parties automatically monitor the location of the user, IP address, device type and software installed. Sometimes application require permissions from the user on the device for the GPS access.


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